The KUNZE effect

Better for automotive industry
As premium supplier Kunze improves function, plugability and quality of your products and saves your market lead. We are able to achieve this by developing and producing function relevant components substantial intelligent.

The KUNZE mission

Quality offensive for automobile
At Kunze we do not measure parts per million. We want to be better – 1,000 times better than our competitors. Our challenge is called parts per billion.

The Kunze Unit

Jobs, training, purchasing
At Kunze everybody is successful. We stand together, decide together, develop us, are always searching for innovation. And there is always a position for the right and good people.

The KUNZE courage

Without risks in new parts development
We encourage you to strive for the better. This could be risky, but it does not have to and it must not. At Kunze we take the risk of the new parts development, because our process can do. That is how only convincing solutions evolve.

The KUNZE Cutting Edge

From component to component assembly in automobile industry
Knowledge is essential. We see at your production, at everything before and behind, we see the whole assembly group and bring on what is necessary for the future. Go new ways with Kunze.

The KUNZE metamorphosis

Turning optimized cold forming for better function parts
At Kunze we do not just parts but we make them better. We change the whole process and exceed its limits what engineers can achieve. That is how our customers save really money.